As I started to write this, I almost put 2018. I notice my energy and sense of time, maybe even my spirit is very much projected ahead– a lot. It is not that I am not present or ungrounded, it is that I am time jumping… and I suspect a lot of you who are reading this are doing that too. Mr. Albert Einstein tried to explain time/space to us. We are now just starting to open the consciousness to this seed planted oh say 80 or 90 years ago. We are also seeing it mirrored in our TV shows and movies depicting past present and future (like This Is Us and Arrival and even TWD). There is time jumping back and forth seeing what was, what is and what will/could be. They show how what was is affecting now and how now is creating what will be. I love it. If you are find you just stepped into another time frame ( you will feel like “wait, where am I , wasn’t I just doing….” or a feeling of being ahead, not just thinking a head or being mentally a head– or if you are losing time here– like “where did the time go?”) then you’re experiencing time jumping, astral travel, soul projection. Cool right?

For November, we start the month a little easier than we did in October. Still, our focus should be on maintaining inner peace, safety, security and balance even when external events try and shake that loose in us or challenge these states of being at the very least. It is not always easy. It requires a spiritual groundedness- not just lip service- where you KNOW TRUST BELIEVE that all is as it should be, that we are always Divinely Guided and Protected, Safe Secure and Provided for. The external (in our own life and in the world in general) will challenge that but as you go back in and re-ground to that, as you HOLD that space– you not only create, attract and manifest this truth for yourself, you do this for this world. When enough of us can do that, we will have the peace filled loving world we crave. I think this is what we were sent here for and what we are supposed to do!!!!

November is a 3 month in a 1 global year. It will be an emotive, creative, inspired and social month. It is also a time to look back and see all the “firsts” that this year has brought. This was a year where long standing desires were made manifest– in other words– where dreams came true and many found themselves living a life they had dreamed. Not everyone had this experience, but certainly everyone can. It is just about getting yourself out of the way– doing the work that needs to be done to release whatever is subconsciously sabotaging you from living your dreams. If you are not completely there yet, know if you are reading this you are most likely on your way, ie.. doing the inner work that is needed and/or strengthening the piece of you that manifests dreams (Your Soul Power). If you are stuck in chaos, drama, struggle, hardship– you still might be battling the ego piece that loves to create such things. Affirming that you are letting that go is the first step to having it be so.

Things will show up in November that are an indicator of where/what/who you will be experiencing in 2018. If there is a new direction in your life that you would like to take– start planting the seeds in November and December this year. For instance, let an inspiration come to you in November– “I always wanted to…..” then in December, start researching what that looks like, what you need to do to make that happen, what steps you can take now to manifest that desire. So– if it is “I always wanted to go to Hawaii, study spiritualism, get married…” Research and take steps and let the support that will be needed for this to come in to enter in 2018 (a 2 global year– more on that next month). Pay attention to the limiting thoughts that might come up around this- the ego thoughts– “I can’t do this because… It is not happening for me… I would but… It is not in my power to make this happen… I am resentful, defeated, discouraged, disheartened, frustrated, angry, bitter etc.. because I don’t have this.” These little gems of lies will show up and they are the opportunities to go past your limits into your creations and success. Someone posted this quote on FB– don’t know who it is from—” If your belief is that your loneliness is an obstacle to your spiritual evolution, then life will show you that you are right. All that happens in our life is exactly what we believe is possible.” Let me know if I can help with this or if we can work together on this.

We are in the home stretch of this “1” global year…. a year of firsts, new beginnings, fresh starts, new patterns, a new way of life (personally and globally), a year of innovations and a year of uncertainty and the unfamiliar. This is okay, it indicates growth. Next year is a “2” global year– a year of partnerships, group effort, teamwork and support. It is where we pair up with someone(s) or something(s) to support us in what we are creating or developing. Of course, you have a personal year that you are in (numerologically speaking) We will discuss that more in January. November and December will be the set up phase for 2018. Pay attention to who and what shows up for you– where Spirit (Divine Spirit and your Spirit are leading or redirecting you). Let go of fear, worry and anxiety– clear it every time it shows up and move into your heart of trust. Allow yourself to be guided by your angels, they will never do you wrong and let– just let- everything fall into place. It will.

I am here if you need me. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving. We will speak again in December…


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