As we prepare to start the season of the fall—the last season of 2017— I ask you to ask yourself if you are living the potential of this 1 global year? (in numerology 2+0+1+7=10= 1+0= 1) A 1 global year brings new beginnings, fresh starts, new opportunities and directions, sometimes unexpected and unforseen experiences, especially pertaining to your personal numerological year (birth month + birth day +1 = _).   Sometimes in a 1 year we do the same things but in a new, different or upgraded ways or we see/perceive things  in a different.  I know this is very true for me especially in my relationships and sense of duty to my family– which goes with the personal year I am in which is a “6” year.

This year 2017 has also given all of us an even greater opportunity than previous “1” years and that is to perceive and experience this world and our lives and experiences  from a higher perspective, from a soul perspective, from a mindset of lovingkindness.  It is also drawing lines in the sand… not to separate us but to make us choose what we want to create/attract/manifest in our own life and in our global world.  Sometimes  before knowing what you want you have to know what you don’t want.  Think about this the next time you watch the news.  I know watching the news makes me more clear, conscious, resolved and convicted of what I do want… a life and experiences that mirror and bring me peace, love, joy, compassion and abundance.  I consciously choose these feelings and the Universe and my soul then collaborate to create experiences, attract situations, open opportunities and synchonicities that hold these feelings.  I make a conscious empowered choice.  This is the higher  perspective part.  I didn’t  nor do I always do this.  But I am more aware when I don’t.  It just doesn’t feel right to sit in the lower vibrating, denser feelings any more.  So if I watch the news and become instinctively  reactive…  ie.-human..and  feel sad, angered, frustrated, enraged.. well guess what feelings I am recharging and re energizing not only internally but also for the collective.  I do this this when I am not paying attention, distracted even, or when I am unconscious or simply unaware of myself.  If I don’t get too lost in one of these dense despairing feelings I will catch the divine intervention sent to me to remind me to become CONSCIOUS again and choose what I want and not energize unconsciously what I don’t.

In this 1 year we are building a new world and a new reality and we each get to decide in every moment of everyday if we are part of the building team or part of the resistance.  In order to do that you need to become CONSCIOUS and SELF AWARE.  Do not mistake this for being happy and loving in every moment or mamby pamby seeing the world through rose colored glasses.  That is not at all what I am saying.  I am saying simply decide what you want and intend it.  When you are triggered decide what you and intend it.  When you encounter an experience that is chaotic, dramatic, dangerous, hurtful, uncomfortable, basically the opposite of peace… decide to hold your peace, find your peace, stay in your peace no matter what.  If we want to create it.. And and according to all the posts I read on FB.. we do, then we have to be it.   This is how we create a life and a world we want.

Now what about September ..well it is a 1 month in a 1 year.  Fresh starts-new beginnings.  Things shifted in August.   Many people reclaimed their power. Many more decided what they want.  A lot of people set into motion through actions what they want to create.  More than anything, the eclipses and Merc retrograde  made us re evaluate and get clear. By the 21st.. there was a collective readiness for the fall…  The season where we separate the wheat from the chaff.. or.. what we want from what we don’t want.. what serves us and what no longer  does.  Refining our intentions and plans ensued.  More right actions were taken to implement our desired future creations.  Anticipatory anxiety commenced. Standing firm and in your conviction of what you will and wont allow became fixed.  Some got tested on this.


One way or the other something new begins in September.

If you are one of those who stepped into your power, be excited, be VERY EXCITED. Things are going to expedite very quickly and all you have been intending comes to form and and experience right away. You live the desires  and dreams you CHOSE to experience  and they become permanent, expanding into more or higher levels of the same experience.

If you are one who is still waiting for life to make YOU feel happy, satisfied, safe, secure, grounded, loved, accepted, peaceful, joyful, abundant, well then you got some ego work to do.

Remember what shows up in the fall.. especially Oct /Nov is an indicator of what you will be living in in 2018..  a 2 global year.  A year of teamwork, cooperation, group effort and collaborative partnerships.

September is a good month to try something new.. say yes to a blind date, try a new investment, put out to the world a project or creation you have been working on.  Make an appointment  for a new hair color or try a new class at the gym, visit a winery if you haven’t been or take a weekend trip to some place new.  It is an action month and a month of “firsts.”  Do your inner work if you are lagging behind.   Make conscious and empowered choices.  That is what this September energy is bringing as well as a whole lot of clarity.

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