Here in the US, the season of spring is beginning.  It is having a slow start I must say but every winter gives way to a spring… a new beginning, a rebirth and so now, in April, here we are starting this cycle.  From the end of March to the beginning of April (7th or 8th)  the energy will feel like we are waking from a deep sleep.  We may feel a bit groggy or like we need that second cup of coffee.  Even with the Aries (fire and passion) energy… we may still feel the slumbering bear, sluggish energy.  Why fight  this? It is easier to honor where you are at in every moment.  And once we do come out of the fog and slumber, there is a clear, powerful and  potent energy that will clear the cobwebs from our psyche.  In April 2018, things will become clear… crystal clear… the course of action or direction will become clear, our minds and perceptions will become clear, our hearts and minds will become congruent and we will be inspired to take direct and right actions.  For most people, there will be no more ambiguity, no more indecisiveness, no more lollygagging.  There will be energy present to assist you even if you are the worst of procrastinators.  As you seek answers and clarity– just by pondering in a thought- the answers will come, the information will reveal itself and there will be no place left for doubt and confusion.

Most of us will focus on getting our “house” in order this month.  Whether this means our literal house, our internal house (mind and emotions), our immediate circle and circumstances ( work, finances, health, closest relationships), our Soul (what is my purpose and life about?, how can I live my authentic self)- clarity will initiate right actions and the energy in the  universe will support our actions.

April starts in a Mercury in Retrograde cycle.  Expect to  revisit the past and see things with different (hopefully wiser, more insightful and mature) perception.  Dreams will be prominent and it is likely you will remember your dreams upon waking.  This is all supportive of the “getting clear” theme of this month.  As with any Mercury Retrograde cycle, it is important to stay present and not be in your head all the time.  It is important to not act impulsively or in rash.  Stay grounded, stay focused, stay in the body and use the mind to gather information, but use the intuitive mind to sort out the right plan, actions and timing.

One other theme this month– there will be lots of exits– and by that I mean many will be leaving their physical bodies. We will hear of a lot of deaths.  The energy can get pretty dense when there is grief.  Grief is probably our densest and  trickiest emotion and energy state.  Remember it is both, not just an emotion and not just an energy, it is both.  And both have to be processed.  Our western culture does not prepare us for grief, nor are there enough resources to counsel us through it.  Funny, since it is something that everyone will experience at some point in their life. For those that are empathic, we will not only experience our own state of grief but will also carry that for others.  Overwhelming to say the least.  As sucky as grief is, it offers tremendous gifts.  The opportunity to open our hearts and expand our compassion are just a few.  Grief when done well actually creates more joy in our lives.  Even if the deaths are not in your immediate circles, expect that these events will trigger you back to your own grief and give you a chance to process or revisit and grow more.

The Angel cards for this month —
From the Caroline Myss Archetype Cards— The archetypal pattern of DETECTIVE will be prominent for us.  This archetype shows up to help us seek the truth in all matters (as in the truth shall set you free), to investigate, it observes rather than judge.  It also brings us right to our intuition

From the Mother Mary Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild–Our Lady of Answered Prayers (it is upside down)–Prayer, whether we say formal prayers or just think in our mind,  are conversations and petitions to the Divine, to the Universe, to our Soul. Regular communication with “source” is one of the ways we build, acknowledge, strengthen our Spiritual Nature, Power and Presence.  This card assures us that our prayers are heard and answered.  Because I pulled the card and it came out upside down, it means our prayers are being answered, just not the way we may expect or want… but what is always for our highest and best good.

I will talk more about these messages in the April 2nd Online meeting.  You can attend by becoming a member of  my Spiritual Community.

April is a productive month and the motion of energy will be moving forward in our lives.  So if things have been on hold, or if you feel as though you are treading water or worse going backward, this month you will feel the momentum of energy moving you forward in your life.  And you will have a clear view of where you are going.

Talk to you again in May
RoRosemarie Rubinetti-Cappiello