We start 2018 with a Full Moon in Cancer (1-1-18).  It a full moon that will reveal to us the heart of the matter for us individually—as in what is it we truly find important or meaningful in our life—and also collectively.  What do our neighbors, communities, tribes, culture value?  Are we aligned with that or do we need to adjust, upgrade or move on from them?

January starts as a “3” month in a “2” global year.  We are going to find ways for the outer to reflect the inner.  If in 2017 (and I know we all did in some way, shape or form) you upgraded yourself internally then your home, work, family, friends, social and other circles, body etc… will need to match that vibration. Your outer will need to reflect the inner.  For instance, if you changed the way you see yourself (changed perceptions), then your clothes, hair, style, walk etc will now be reflecting that and upgrades to these things will continue to occur this month.  If you changed the way you view this world—maybe your home/relationships/friendships/opportunities reflect  that (shades up or down, new plants and bushes planted, maybe even new home or neighborhood, new friends).  If you changed the way you deal with your body- it will be reflecting that and asking for the next step of the upgrade. If you decided to allow yourself to have more—you will now be experiencing more of whatever that is.  Whatever the inner change—in regard to relationships, work, finances, health, situations, spirituality—the outer will now need to be adjusted and become your new reality.  Maybe life events are causing the upgrade—like an expanding family or retirement.  The outer catches up to the inner changes this month.

The “1” year had us ALL internally upgrade.  Maybe some of us finally awoke to our spiritual nature, or changed our relationship to money or made peace with the past, or took our power back (that was a big theme in 17) or sobered up, or moved past a denial or illusion, or decided to allow ourself to have more of what we want and less of what we don’t… whatever the internal change and process—now– this month January 2018– the outside will need to match.  So it is a month of sprucing up, adding more, changing things around, redecorating, buying stuff, working a new job.  And it all will be reflective of where we are internally.  Maybe you go from the day shift to the night shift or paint your bedroom.  Maybe you buy some new clothes that are a different size or style than you’re used to. Maybe you attend an event that last year held no appeal for you.  Whatever it is, the outside is matching the inner. So enjoy it.  And let it keep expanding.

There is also tons of inspiration this month.  Ideas flow easily (we are out of the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde too) so be open, be ready and let it flow.  You will feel your creative energy stir up too—put that to good use.  It is also a good month to “clear the air” so if something needs to be said or expressed, this is the month to do it.

Now let’s talk about 2018….a “2” global year.  A year of support, partnership, relationship, group effort and team work.  It is a time to regroup and find your tribe and find the right assistance for all things in your life.  It is a year of adaptability and balance.  Cooperation is key this year.  It is a great year to build ease, harmony and fluidity in all areas of your life… but these things are built slowly and steadily, they are not rushed or impulsive and what you are building requires patience, willingness to listen and  allowing things to unfold in their right time.  This is the year you can find an easy rhythm to your life and all the right support (both in body and out of a body) will show up to aid and assist in creating this.  The number 2 resonates with sensitivity, receptiveness, the Divine Feminine, balance and harmony.  One instrument played alone can be quite beautiful, 2 or more create a melody that 1 can’t make on its own.  The right partners (whether in work and/or health, the right healers, financial planners, builders, teachers, babysitters, administrative assistant, researchers, advocates, advisors, auto mechanics  etc) make our lives so much easier, more fluid and take us father that we can go on our own and with greater ease and efficiency.  This is what shows up in 2018.

One of the greatest partnerships I hope we all make this year is with the energy and resource we call “Money.”  Money likes us and wants to be our friend.  It wants to be placed in the hands of our spirit so it can assist us in making our dreams come true and it wants to create a greater ease and freedom to our life. When we have our spirit handle our financial life, we experience, ease, peace, freedom, joy, love and purpose within all areas of money all the time in every way.  Our spirit knows how to make, spend, earn, save, share, invest and use money wisely and appropriately.   Most of us  project all kinds of negativity onto money or have limiting beliefs about money  but money is just a resource and energy like air, knowledge and love to name a few.  How we use, view, treat or accept money comes either from our ego or our spirit- from our fear or our wisdom.  It is just a resource that can back up and support our spirit or support our ego… it is up to us to decide that.  But money in and of itself is just a neutral energy that wants us to ACCEPT and ALLOW  it into our lives.  I have two webinars on this called Economic Healing.  Let me know if you want me to send them to you and I will.  Either way- set your intentions to make peace with money this year and allow it to be a partner for you to help manifest all you dreams and desires.

So what might we expect in 2018….

Globally the dynamic of false power or power over (through force, intimidation, oppression or other) is going to continue to shift and we will continue to see many taking their power back.  We will also do this individually by recognizing where we have diminished ourselves, played the victim, given power to fear thoughts or other people or where we have limited ourselves.  We will reclaim our SELF and there will be people (like angels in a body, interventions, life lines and supports) that will show up at just the right time and in the right place to assist or support us for this.

More and more will come to the understanding that what we experience we have either attracted, created, manifested- thus shifting if not eliminating victim consciousness- and further putting us in our power to own and accept responsibility for all we have created and are creating now… And that is REAL POWER.

More and more will begin or continue to seek authenticity in their life.  This means everything that is false will have to go.  Depending on how asleep you’ve been, that can be tough.  Just always remember, everything is in Divine Right Order.  Everything is Divinely right even if it looks so wrong. You are always guided and protected even (especially) when you don’t know it.  You will sit in your peace when you can get there and when you can hold that…. And sometimes, you may need to hold that for someone else until they can hold it for themselves (that is you being the right partner for someone in this 2 year)!

Many, many many will move from the CONCEPT  that they are far more than just a physical, mental and emotional being and into a KNOWING  that they are.  And most of those that have been spiritually pioneering this for the past 20 years or more will truly be LIVING this in every moment of every day in every area of their life.  Livin a Mystically Grounded Life!

Sounds lofty—there is more!

Consciousness will continue to shift and expand as more and more physical/scientific proof emerges on what happens when someone is in expanded  states of consciousness (such as mediumship).  And there will be more accepted proof that consciousness continues after physical death.  The mystery and power of the mind and what it is capable of  will become more obvious and more and more people will start to utilize this—and it will be your regular every day people who do this—not your world leaders, scientists , psychologists or physicians.  It will be your regular folk.

Time travel (known too as astral travel and projection) as well as understanding time and distance in a different way will really start to root this year.  Past Present  Future will converge into one place and we will realize all are happening at the same “time.”

Weather patterns will continue to get stronger and more forceful as Mother Nature reflects back to us our topsy turvey collective emotional states.  This will calm down as more of the collective becomes emotionally aware and MATURE.  You think after decades of self analysis ( psychotherapy movements and programs like Silva, EST and other) that this would be the case by now.  We definitely shifted to more self awareness but instead of maturing we  re-energized or consciously distracted ourselves so the emotional intelligence is still under developed.   Pain bodies are still running a lot of people or insidiously showing up in even the most self aware.  We’ve got to get in front of this and then our dear Mother Earth can empathically reflect that back to us as well.

There is soooo much more but I have gone on long enough.  In each month’s alert I will touch upon more of these themes and discuss how we can see world events from a spiritual perspective as well as talk about how to navigate the energy of the month.  Also, you can join me for my webinar

“What’s in Store for 2018—A “2” global year of partnerships on Wednesday 1/24/18 7pm.  Normally you need to be a subscriber to the ONLINE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY but I am gifting 25 free spots for this.  Contact me if you are interested.

So thanks for reading.  Hoping you have a great start to this wonderful year 2018.

With LOVE  and PEACE


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