May 2017 is the 5th month of  this year and  we are in the new beginnings this 1 global year has promised.  For many of us we are living or are starting to live in a new uncharted or unexplored reality.  Something has changed in our life (big or small) and life is not the same as it was before. Maybe the change occurred early in the year and you are settling into the new world/reality now or  Maybe your role has changed in an existing relationship and you are feeling your way through this stage.  Maybe you are living something you’ve always dreamed about and now have to adjust the fantasy version and the real version– hopefully the  real version is better than you could have imagined.  Maybe you are still in the process of developing the change– taking the necessary and progressive steps towards your new life.  It is still the change.  Whatever it is, there is a new reality and new life for each of us and it is not going away.

May will be the time where we fully embrace (and/or) accept the new reality. When we embrace what is, we ground it and own it.  We commit to fully being present and it releases resistance to anything we are resisting.  This will allow joy in our life to be present.  When we accept what is, we move into peace.  We move into our hearts, again releasing any and all resistance and allow the peace within us to create the experiences and perceptions instead of the experience triggering reactions, expectations and misperceptions. It is a huge difference.
When we live a Soul based, a Soul grounded life, we create a reality that mirrors peace, joy, love, purpose, compassion, abundance, safety, security, passion, kindness.   The Soul is the essence of these energies.  The Soul only knows these and therefore can only create/attract/manifest this as reality–as experiences.  Soul does not know struggle, chaos, drama, pain,suffering.  It simply does not have the capacity.  Yet we experience these things in our realities   What is the part of us that creates or attracts that?  It is not the Soul.  It is the wounds, ego, small self, painbodies.  When we recognize our truest Self, our essence as Soul– when we consciously ground and own this Self– it starts to create a life/reality that mirrors this.  The experiences we have, the people-places-things we attract, the things we create will all be peace filled and will bring a greater experience of peace and love.   And even when we have a life experience that feels like an asteroid just came from space and decimated our peace filled, loving world… our Soul will know exactly how to bring us back to our peace. It will recycle the experience to be used for good. It will reconstruct the life and fill it with new purpose and meaning and help us reclaim our ability to live our life with joy.   Living a Soul based life does not guarantee that unforseen, unexpected, hard and challenging things won’t happen.  Living a Soul based life means we will have the tools to maneuver through whatever is in our life without losing our Self, our minds, our peace, our love, our joy.

The keys to this paradise are to always KNOW that all is exactly as it should be. You are always Safe, Guided and Protected.  You always have the the CHOICE to Accept, Allow, Embrace and Trust what is instead of resisting it.  When you KNOW these things– when you LIVE from this place (not just think it but truly know it and live it)– you are living a Soul based and grounded life and any moments that you are out of your peace will be very short lived.
We get it backwards a lot.  We think backwards alot.  We think that when we have this or that or when things settle down we will feel okay, happy, content, peaceful.  But in reality, when we feel okay, happy, content and peaceful we create the very existence and experiences that  we are seeking to fulfill us.

So for May- Mercury will go direct on the 4th.  We will be settling to our newly created reality looking forward to what we want to manifest next. We will want and even allow more for ourselves than we ever have before. We may want to stay close to home- puttering around, sprucing it up.  And family may be the main focus of this month.  If you are single, it is a great month to get a romance going.  One started now has the right alchemy to be long lasting and deeply meaningful.  There is a lot to look forward too, a lot to get excited about.

You can stay connected to me- especially if you are not in NJ and can’t attend any of my free events –by joing my online spiritual community.  Starting July we will be meeting once a month on the web to meditate, spiritually ground and connect and discuss energy and how to work with it.  It is a great group of people who support one another.  And it is all done via computer.  Check out my website  to learn more about this or to join— and also to read more about the May Energy.

I have lot’s of library events coming up and the libraries are always free!

And I will be doing  lots of libraries in Cape May County NJ this July so stop in for one or all if you vacation there!

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