April 2017 Energy Alert

April 2017 has a lot going on both in our inner world and outer world.  The 3 retrogrades, Venus, Jupiter and oh yes starting April 9th, Mercury, have us examining our hidden and subconscious patterning in regards to relationships.  What part of us comes to our relationships?  Think wounded child, star crossed lover, unrequited lover, […]

March 2017 Energy Alert

March begins following the lunar and solar eclipses of February. Everything may feel a little off center.  The work begins this month for setting a foundation for what it is we are now creating and manifesting.  There will be inner work and out work to do.  Inner work has to do with the beliefs, programming, […]

February 2017 Energy Alert

So here we are in the second month of 2017 already– Welcome new 9 year cycle!. January carried a lot of the “cleaning out” and release energy of 2016 “9” year of endings. Lots of ancient emotional baggage and old beliefs, yours and those you carry from your ancestral line, came to the surface. Some […]

December 2016 Energy Alert

  December, to some extent, is always a melancholy month for most people. We come to the end of another year- we reflect and sometimes regret. We reminisce and we often remember those who are no longer with us and situations and things from our past. We often feel pressured by the holidays and the kinetic energy kicks […]

November 2016 Energy Alert

This month– “2” (2016=9 +11=2) is a month of good connections.  Right people, right partnerships, right connections coming into your life.  If you forge a bond with anyone– from a new auto mechanic to the right biz partner or lover– you are in a right connection.  Trust that if you go into partnership with someone […]

Creating A Peace Filled World

It is my hope that this video brings calm and peace and empowerment to all of those that watch it. I am hoping we can remember that each one of us has the power to hold our peace, feel and connect to the love in our hearts and remain centered in the midst of tragic […]