November 2017 Energy Alert

As I started to write this, I almost put 2018. I notice my energy and sense of time, maybe even my spirit is very much projected ahead– a lot. It is not that I am not present or ungrounded, it is that I am time jumping… and I suspect a lot of you who are […]

October 2017 Energy Alert

Support and help come in from all directions this month and all in the right timing.  Whatever help you need getting your dreams, desires, manifestations and creations off the ground, will show up in people, opportunities, connections and synchronicity…. and  each one will lead to many others.This support will be especially true for anyone going […]

September 2017 Energy Alert

As we prepare to start the season of the fall—the last season of 2017— I ask you to ask yourself if you are living the potential of this 1 global year? (in numerology 2+0+1+7=10= 1+0= 1) A 1 global year brings new beginnings, fresh starts, new opportunities and directions, sometimes unexpected and unforseen experiences, especially […]

August 2017 Energy Alert

  Well here we are in August– how fast this year is moving. The numerology aspect of this month is “9” global month in a “1” global year. This means that many things will come to completion or ending so new things– bigger, brighter new things, new ways of living,,, maybe even unforeseen (but not […]

June 2017 Energy Alert

  Things will slow down a bit this month and we will catch our breath.  Our focus will turn inward, in self discovery and self awareness. We may want to retreat a bit to our sanctuaries– whether that’s your garden, bedroom,  lounge chair, the BEACH!  This month will be a chance to renew and replenish […]

May 2017 Energy Alert

May 2017 is the 5th month of  this year and  we are in the new beginnings this 1 global year has promised.  For many of us we are living or are starting to live in a new uncharted or unexplored reality.  Something has changed in our life (big or small) and life is not the […]

April 2017 Energy Alert

April 2017 has a lot going on both in our inner world and outer world.  The 3 retrogrades, Venus, Jupiter and oh yes starting April 9th, Mercury, have us examining our hidden and subconscious patterning in regards to relationships.  What part of us comes to our relationships?  Think wounded child, star crossed lover, unrequited lover, […]

March 2017 Energy Alert

March begins following the lunar and solar eclipses of February. Everything may feel a little off center.  The work begins this month for setting a foundation for what it is we are now creating and manifesting.  There will be inner work and out work to do.  Inner work has to do with the beliefs, programming, […]

February 2017 Energy Alert

So here we are in the second month of 2017 already– Welcome new 9 year cycle!. January carried a lot of the “cleaning out” and release energy of 2016 “9” year of endings. Lots of ancient emotional baggage and old beliefs, yours and those you carry from your ancestral line, came to the surface. Some […]

January 2017 Energy Alert

  So here we are in 2017 — a “1” global year.  A year of new beginnings and independence.  A year where we take leadership roles in areas we are capable of leading.  It  will call up our determination, our innovation and our courage.  It is a new day, a new dawn and make no […]